Extending the healthy lifespan with the Training & Relaxation cycle

The aim of “Training & Relaxation,” a theme proposed by Minato Medical Science, is to extend the healthy lifespan through an effective cycle of training and relaxation that elderly people can carry out to maintain their physical functions. To prevent the elderly from experiencing falls and other accidents and to help them lead independent lives without requiring nursing care, it is important that they maintain their physical functions including muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. The Weltonic WTS series is a training machine designed for the elderly that comprehensively enhances muscle strength, which is important in daily living.

With its low-impact and safe design, the machine aims to ensure “training that can be continued.” Meanwhile, Aquatizer QZ-240 meticulously massages the entire body to ease fatigue and, at the same time, makes the body more flexible. If flexibility can be enhanced before starting muscle training, users can carry out movements safely and the training effects can also be magnified. After-training massage using QZ-240 quickly cools down the body to ease muscular fatigue. The pleasant massage refreshes both the body and the mind, motivating the user to continue training. “Training & Relaxation” is the solution proposed by Minato Medical Science to solve age-related problems in Japan. We will show a video that introduces the concept of the product and its supporting technology.

Next-generation Dry Hydro Jet Massage Bed: Aquatizer QZ-240

We have achieved the No.1 market share in Japan with the following four main features:

  • 1:The four new nozzles that realize a wide variety of treatment options.
  • 2:The Turbo mode that offers a more powerful massage.
  • 3:The foot airbags that reduce the head movement and prevent legs from spreading apart.
  • 4:The height detection sensor that easily identifies the areas to be massaged.

These four features have advanced the expansion of the market, thus increasing our market share in Japan. Our Dry Hydro Jet Massage Bed is now the No. 1 market leader. Please enjoy the most highly evolved form of treatment experience, comfort, and operability.

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