Company Overview

Company name Minato Medical Science CO., LTD.
Representative Director
Osamu Nakano
Founded May 23, 1957
Capital 99.6 million yen
Business Development, manufacturing, and marketing of electronic medical equipment
Number of employees 419 (as of May 2023)
Headquarters 3-13-11 Shin-kitano, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0025 Japan
Telephone +81-6-6303-9759
Our products

Minato Medical Science Co., Ltd pursues what electronics can do via manufacturing, marketing, and maintaining user-friendly medical equipment and systems that enhance more compassion than humans do.

Physiotherapy equipment

Provides therapy for people who are physically disabled due to aging, disease, or injury by giving them physical energy by means such as electric stimulation, massage, and heat to help them recover basic mobility (motor function). The equipment can facilitate spontaneous recovery, reduce pain, correct body structure, and maintain the range of joint movement.

Evaluation and measuring equipment

Includes spirometers (automated analysis systems for respiratory function) for testing and diagnosing respiratory diseases (e.g., COPD); aeromonitors (respiratory metabolism measuring systems) for measuring gas exhaled during exercise to determine the maximum oxygen uptake and other parameters; and audiometers, which are widely used for medical checkups.

Rehabilitation equipment

Consists of indispensable equipment for rehabilitation that helps to facilitate postoperative functional recovery and reduce age-related dysfunctions. The equipment also includes training machines for senior citizens to strengthen muscles for the purposes of fall prevention, reduced need for nursing care, and living self-supporting lives.