CSR Information

Solar Power

Minato Medical Science Co., Ltd has been working actively on CO2 reductions by using natural energy. We have installed solar power generation systems with a total capacity of 416 kw on the roofs of the buildings at our Kobe Facilities (Kobe, Hyogo) and Nishiki Facilities (TambaSasayama, Hyogo).

Under clear skies, natural energy provides all the power required for production and development activities in these facilities.

Reconstruction Assistance for Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

We donated 10 million yen through the Japanese Red Cross Society to support reconstruction efforts in the affected areas. Immediately after the disaster, we also prepared and loaned equipment free of charge to medical institutions whose own equipment was destroyed by tsunami-induced flooding.

Through these efforts, we helped to ensure medical care could be resumed as soon as possible after the disaster. We continue our support activities by purchasing snacks and other products used in the company from businesses in the disaster-affected areas.

Stop the Locomo

Stop the Locomo Conuncil

“Locomotive syndrome” (often abbreviated to “locomo” in Japan) is a condition that requires, or is likely to require, nursing care due to reduced motility caused by the impairment of “locomotive organs,” including bones, joints, muscles, and nerves involved in body movement.

Patients with locomotive syndrome face difficulty in completing daily activities, as they have some kind of disability in one or more than one part of the locomotive organs, such as muscles, bones, joints,

cartilages, and intervertebral discs. The concept of locomotive syndrome has been proposed by the Japanese Orthopaedic Association, whose focus is on the unprecedented ultra-aging society predicted in Japan.

In order to maintain the population’s independence and increase its healthspan, locomotive syndrome needs to be prevented. Minato Medical Science Co., Ltd participates in the “Stop the Locomo” project, and makes cooperative efforts to extend the country’s healthspan.

Ecocap Movement

We collect plastic bottle caps that would otherwise become waste within the company to join the movement of recycling these caps and using the money raised to buy vaccines for children.

We plan to expand our efforts in this movement to help provide polio vaccines for children in developing countries, and also to contribute to CO2 reductions.