The Softlasery [JQ-W1] received the Good Design award for 2011.

Award number 11G10044
Classification Medical device supplies and equipment
Application target name Semiconductor laser therapy unit
Softlasery [JQ-W1]
Enterprise body name Minato Medical Science Co., Ltd.

Product overview

Laser therapy units are separated into the 2 categories of high output laser devices for “incisions and coagulation” and low output laser devices for “applying pain relief”, and in recent years low output laser treatment providing analgesic benefits using laser irradiation that does not destroy human tissue has been flourishing.
The majority of the laser therapy units used until now have been the wired types but the “Softlasery JQ-W1” has made its probe both “cordless” and “compact” through the adoption of lithium ion batteries and more efficient internal circuits, making it possible to perform low output laser treatment in a wider variety of treatment scenarios regardless of the location.

Evaluation comments from the judging committee

This laser therapy unit is a low output device for the alleviation of pain which, with its cordless probe, has a design-centered approach that has been well praised for the way it generates value, both on a social and human level.
In concrete terms, we have verified the level of freedom when carrying and sense of grip required by the technicians over long periods of time when performing laser treatment that requires an exact approach to the affected area, and created a form that allows it to be easily carried in a variety of ways. The design of this form, which has provided our patients with peace of mind, has been well received.