AutoSpiro [AS-610]

AutoSpiro [AS-610]

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Compact body


Compact body

A variety of functions realized in a compact body(180mm x 240mm) will meet a variety of needs.

Main features of AS-610


①Flow sensor


The accuracy of respiratory function measurements depends on the characteristics of the flow sensor. The AS-610 uses a highly accurate hot wire flowmeter method, which allows measurement with an accuracy of ±3% even at low flows.



By adopting an oval handle, it is now possible for the examiner to assist test subjects who have difficulty holding the handle during measurement due to their weak grip strength.



It is now possible to print 1.5 times faster than previous models. You can also keep paper-based records and paste them on the medical record.

④7 inch LCD touch panel


VC measurement screen

The operation keys and display contents have been enlarged to improve operability. In addition, the high-contrast interface design provides good visibility and supports operation.

⑤2P power plug


The adoption of a 2P power plug makes it easier to perform measurements outside the testing room. Contributes to measurements during home visits, etc.

LED tower

※AS-610U exclusive options

Visualize measurement status with LED tower

By displaying the degree to which the target value has been reached in real time, it is easier to explain the test in advance and encourage the subject to exhale/inhale with forced effort during the test.

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Respiratory muscle meter

※AS-610U exclusive options


Respiratory muscle strength measurement

In recent years, the importance of respiratory rehabilitation has increased in order to prevent postoperative respiratory complications and shorten hospital stays. By measuring respiratory muscle strength, it is possible to assess whether the decrease in FEV1 (Forced expiratory volume in 1 second) is due to airway obstruction or respiratory muscle weakness.

Disinfectable parts


Flow sensor & respiratory muscle strength meter

In consideration of hygiene issues such as preventing infectious diseases, the tip can now be removed and sterilized. Parts can be removed and soaked in disinfectant solution. It can be disinfected after each test, so it can always be kept clean.

Dedicated bag



Assistance with home visits

The AS-610, which weighs 1.0 kg and is easy to carry, is available with a dedicated bag to assist with home visits. The dedicated bag allows examinations without removing the main unit, eliminating the need to load and unload the instrument.

Environmental sensor

※AS-610U exclusive options


AAM613 Environmental sensor (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure)

Automatic input of environmental conditions

Accurate measurements require the input of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure). When the environmental sensor is connected, all environmental conditions are automatically input.



Oval shaped handle

The handle has an oval design to fit all hand sizes.



Selectable text contrast

By selecting the contrast of the text, some stress such as "thin text is difficult to read" or "bold text is difficult to read" are relieved.




Efficient storage space

The efficient storage space accommodate not only the main unit but also the accessories necessary for the test. After storage, it can also be stored vertically.


Model name/Brand nameAutoSpiro AS-610
Electric shock protectionClass II equipment, Type B applied part
Rated power supply voltage and frequencyAC 220 V 50/60 Hz
Power input50 VA
Dimensions of main unitW: 240 D: 180 H: 105(mm)
Weight of main unit1.0 kg
Flow sensorHot wire
Measurement rangeFlow: -14.0 ~ 14.0 L/s Volume: -10.0 ~ 10.0 L
(Option) Respiratory muscle strength: -35.0 ~ 35.0 kPa
Measurement accuracyVolume: Within ± (3 % + 0.01 L) of indicated value
(Option) Respiratory muscle strength: Within ±1 % of full scale
PrinterLine thermal, Paper width 57.5 (mm)
Measurement itemVC : Pre: 3 pages Post: 3 pages
FVC : Pre: 3 pages Post: 3 pages
MVV : Pre: 1 page Post: 1 page
MV : 1 page
GOLD compliant stage classification supported.
Adoption of lung age indication by the Japanese Respiratory Society.
Measurement memory30,000 cases

Standard accessories

Product nameQuantity
Mouth filter PIF-2A, 20 pieces1 box
Recording paper1 roll
Nose clip, 5 pieces1 bag


Product namePart codeQuantity
Mouth filter PIF-2A, 20 piecesMOU94041 box
Recording paperYOU93361 box
Nose clip, 5 piecesAZZ4171 bag


Option item

Product namePart codeQuantity
LED towerAAM6151
Respiratory muscle meter (with holder)AAM6091 box
Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure)AAM6131
Dedicated bagVCV94891
Silicone mouthpieceMOU93531
Isolated USB serial conversion boxAAM6171
SpO2 meter connection boxAAM1801
Mouthpiece, 100 piecesMOU90291 box
Mouthpiece adapterAAM6111

*This is an optional item exclusively for AS-610U.
・Options are subject to change without notice.


  • usb用

    AS-610U USB2.0×2,LAN(RJ45)×1

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