SuperKine [SK-10W]

SuperKine [SK-10W]

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Main features

Achieving sophisticated operability and safety with a scrupulous design

Comfortable functions produce their benefits through excellent usability. On the other hand, scrupulous safety designs are required for medical devices that come into direct contact with patients’ bodies. The Super Kine SK-10W continues the various functions related to operability and safety that were so well received in the advance model SK-9. Further, a variety of options have been prepared in order for each of the respective medical institutions to carry out original treatment.

New design slim fit electrode (patent under application)

New design slim fit electrode (patent under application)
Lightweight design that makes it harder for scarring to occur

By concentrating on a lightweight design, we have achieved a reduction in weight of approximately half that of previous electrodes (our model) By keeping suction force required for suction to a minimum, we have reduced the amount of scarring on the skin of patients due to suction.

Ultra-thin design that can be attached easily within clothes

By eliminating the protruding part from the center of the electrode and connecting the cord from the side surface, the thickness could be reduced to half of the previous thickness. This makes it easy to attach within clothes, such as to your back or shoulders etc.

Therapy mode chosen according to the symptoms

Hyper mode
Hyper mode

The modulated waveforms of the two different therapeutic waves are sent from the respective blue and yellow electrodes into the body. This is the mode in which a new third stimulation sensation can be obtained based on two types of stimulation sensation.

Auto mode
Auto mode

This mode allows treatment to be carried on continuously changing treatment frequency or carrier frequency. Through a variety of changing stimulations, the patient is prevented from becoming accustomed to the electrical charge, thus supporting the treatment of a diverse range of areas.

User mode

This is the mode for setting and memorizing the electrical charge format manually. The frequency can be selected according to the area and symptom.

4 completely independent channels that allow treatment in a mode adapted for each person individually

The therapy mode can be set by channel


The therapy mode can be set by channel

The 4 channels are each loaded with independent waveform generation circuits. As the therapy mode can be set for each channel in accordance with the affected area and symptoms of the patient, it is possible to treat a maximum of 4 patients simultaneously.

Stable suction for all channels using 4 independent pumps

It is equipped with 4 independent new-type low sound pumps for each channel. This enables a stable optimal suction force to constantly be maintained. Further, the suction pressure can be set according to the respective states of each patient.

This has adopted a total of 4 color codes, 1 color for each channel

We have provided 4 color codes to enable each channel to be identified. In addition, this has adopted soft shade pastel colors that calm the feelings of the patient. This design is kind to both patients and medical staff.

Function introduction

Safety with electron dropout detection, maximum output current control, auto 2/4 pole switchover function
Safety with electron dropout detection, maximum output current control, auto 2/4 pole switchover function[Patent application complete]

The electrode dropout detection function monitors the electrode attachment state, and when dropouts or incomplete attachment is detected, output is controlled, and notification is made using a warning sound and display lights. Further, the maximum output current value can be changed in line with the size of the electrode, and treatment is possible using a safe current density (2mA/cm2 or less*.) The auto 2/4 pole switchover function , when performing treatment with 2 poles, automatically detects the number of attached electrodes and changes to 2 pole treatment mode.

*In the case of JIS T 0601-2-10:2005, caution is required when this exceeds current density 2mA/cm2

Over-current control function to prevent suspension of treatment

Output current is automatically controlled so that it does not exceed maximum current, enabling continuous safe treatment.

Safety design to prevent operational mistakes
Safety design to prevent operational mistakes

A cover design has been introduced to prevent the electrode cord becoming entangled with the output knob.
The occurrence of operational mistakes can be kept to a minimum.

Output volume lock function

When a fixed period of time has passed since the start of therapy, the output is controlled so that it does not become any stronger, and this can prevent sudden changes in output due to operational mistakes. The function can be simply disabled by once returning the output volume to zero.

This supports changing of treatment time during the treatment

The therapy time during treatment can be changed according to the setting. This also supports the temporary extension or reduction of therapy time, based on the judgment of the physician. We have also added a stop button for the purpose of suspending treatment.

Voice guidance
Voice guidance

The completion of treatment is notified by voice.

Hot plate to support therapy

Hot plate to warm the suction electrode before treatment.
This is attached to two areas at the top of the main unit and the front surface slide system.

Therapy example

  • Setting with one action
  • Setting with one action
  • Setting with one action
  • Setting with one action

Option product to use the functionality of SK-10W to the greatest effect

Quadripolar compound electrode
Quadripolar compound electrode

4 poles can be simply attached at once.
The effort of attaching four poles can be alleviated.

6 color treatment display lights enable the completion of therapy to be confirmed at a glance
4 color treatment display lights enable the completion of therapy to be confirmed at a glance

The device state can be confirmed from a separated location.
The state of each channel can be notified using lights.

Adhesive electrodes
Adhesive electrodes

Adhesive electrodes that fit gently into affected areas with great flexibility.

Super pack that enables you to perform treatment while heating
Super pack that enables you to perform treatment while heating

Fits snugly into treatment areas, such as shoulders, knees, hips and buttocks and the back. Perform interference therapy at a suitable temperature.

Warby pack with built-in vibrator
Warby pack with built-in vibrator

The Warby pack with a complex oscillating-type vibrator also has heat insulation functions, communicating a comfortable level of vibration and warmth to the body.

Main specification

Classification of protection from against shock Class I device
Classification of attached area according to the extent of protection against shock BF-form attachment section
Main Supply Single-phase 220/110 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Power input MAX. 350VA 
Maximum output voltage 75±10Vrms(※)
Maximum output current

75mArms(※)  or less(at 500Ω load, operating point of the overcurrent protection circuit)

Carrier frequency 2,000-10,000Hz Accuracy: ±5% of the set value
Carrier waveform Sine wave
Treatment frequency 0.1-199Hz Accuracy: within ± (10%+0.1Hz)
Treatment waveform Sine wave (interference waveform)
Treatment time 1-99 mins (1 min step) Accuracy: ± 5%of the set value
Maximum suction pressure 20±10kPa

※ rms is an abbreviation for root mean square: effective value

Dimensions and weight
Dimensions W480×D340×H1,240mm
Weight 55kg
Safety function
Output fuse 90mA
Over-current protection circuit  
Zero start circuit  
Over current restriction function  
Certification number 226AABZX00012000
Class category Management medical devices/special maintenance management medical devices
JMDN code 36737000: Interference current-type low frequency treatment device

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