The Supertrack [ST-2L] received the Good Design award for 2008.

Award number 08B10017
Classification Device / equipment used in medicine / welfare
Application target name Automatic active intermittent traction unit
Super Track [ST-2L]
Enterprise body name Minato Medical Science Co., Ltd.

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Product overview

In 2004, we released (according to our investigations) the world’s first chair-type traction apparatus [Supertrack ST-1L]. Patients only need to attach the chair belt on the device and it automatically provides traction treatment, leading to praise of it as a revolutionary product with strong treatment benefits compared to existing bed-type traction apparatus.
Further, at this time, the “Supertrack ST-2L” has been born, evolving with a number of new functions, “achieving an ideal treatment posture (for heights of 140-185cm) with the automatic winding seatbelt and movable Ottoman auto swing arm”, “a full range of accident prevention measures through safety devices” and a “design that is has both high functionality and the comfort of a lounge sofa”.

Evaluation comments from the judging committee

This chair-type traction device achieves the ideal treatment posture, with its seat belt, Ottoman and arm. In this way, we have achieved a gentle design that also gives due consideration to safety.
It has also been praised for its overall non-intimidating, gentle form and the provision of an environment design that makes you forget you are even having treatment.