Weltonic Series [WTS-01i/WTS-02i/WTS-03i/WTS-04i]

Weltonic Series [WTS-01i/WTS-02i/WTS-03i/WTS-04i]

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Weltonic Series [WTS-01i/WTS-02i/WTS-03i/WTS-04i]
More efficient training with greater peace of mind, achieved through card-based management of exercise history

Simply by inserting the card, users can automatically input their individualized settings, such as training load, number of reps, and number of sets. (If using the PC option, the values set by the PC will be input automatically.)
After a training session is completed, by pressing the EVALUATE switch on the operation panel, users can automatically set the necessary training load for their next session on the card. Users can access the appropriate load for their individual physical strength every session.

A single card for all four machines
More Compact

By placing the electric load unit in the underside of the frame, we've made the required installation area even smaller. It's also possible to use the pulleys that move the device to change the layout, in order to use space more effectively.

More Compact

Compared to our conventional products

Higher Output

Expanding the training load and muscle strength measurement ranges in the WTS-i Series has made it possible to use the machine, not only in training to improve the condition of those in need of care, but also in training meant to prevent elderlypeople with fragile health and ordinary elderly people from needing care.

Higher Output
Worry-Free Design
Worry-Free Design

Wires, pulleys, and other moving parts have been covered. Care has been taken to ensure that the elderly can train without worry.

Muscle strength measurement and excellent positioning reproducibility

Isometric measurement can be performed on all four machines. It is easy to set positions and to reproduce previous positions with a high degree of accuracy.

Operation Unit

External dimensions 300 width × 300 depth × 790 height (mm)
Weight 5kg

Weltonic WTS-i series

Comprehensive Geriatric Training

Comprehensive geriatric training (CGT) aims at improving the physical functions of weak elderly people, to prevent them from deteriorating into a condition necessitating nursing care, and to enable them to maintain an active life. Improvement of physical functions is also expected to have psychological effects, including enhancement of motivation and positive attitude. It has the following characteristics.

1. Improvement of the physical functions of elderly people

CGT aims at improving the physical functions of weak elderly people through exercise training under appropriate load, and building up spare capacity for physical strength, thereby supporting an independent life.

2. Comprehensive improvement of muscle strength,flexibility, and balancing ability

In addition to physical strength, various elements including stamina, flexibility, and balancing ability are trained comprehensively, aiming at global improvement of the physical strength of elderly people.

3. Cooperation of medical staff and exercise training staff

Since weak elderly people often have musculoskeletal pain and chronic diseases, the medical staff—doctors, physical therapists, and nurses—and the exercise training staff, jointly supervise the training.

4. Setting targets for limited periods

Training for 90 minutes at a time is continued twice weekly for 3 months. The period is divided into three stages, and targets are established for each stage. Motivation of the elderly people is maintained through achievement of the target range of motion, and load preset in each stage.

Weltonic WTS-i series