Weltonic Series [WTS-03L]


Training Load 30~600N 3~60kg

Rowing [WTS-03L]

The machine trains the musculus latissimus dorsi and the musculus rhomboidei to prevent and improve the hunched back condition sometimes seen in the elderly.


  • Rowing [WTS-03L]

    Muscies trained

    ●Musculus latissimus dorsi
    ●Musculus rhomboidei
    ●Musculus trapezius
    ●Musculus deltoideus
    ●Musculus erector spinae

  • Rowing [WTS-03L]
  • Rowing [WTS-03L]
  • The chest pad can be lifted to make it easier to ride on the machine.
  • Rowing [WTS-03L]

    Adjustment of the chest pad

  • Rowing [WTS-03L]

    Mechanism for adjusting the height of the chair(gas spring system)

  • Rowing [WTS-03L]

    Easy-to-hold grip

  • Rowing [WTS-03L]

    Example of use
    (Sold separately)Holding Mitt K1960M

Main specification

Model Weltonic WTS-03
Rated supply voltage and frequency Single-phase 230Vac, 50 Hz
Power input 600 VA
Protection against electric shock Class I, type B
External dimensions Width 730 mm
Depth 1,340 mm
Height 1,000 – 1,060 mm
Weight 77 kg
Trained muscles Musculus latissimus dorsi, musculus rhomboidei, musculus trapezius, musculus deltoideus, musculus erector spinae
Load setting 30 – 600N / 3 – 60kg
Accuracy at indicated as N :±5%F.S
Muscle strength measurement 100 – 1,000N / 10 – 100kg
Accuracy at indicated as N :±5%F.S.
Setting of the number of repetitions Count down 1 to 100 times
Count up 1 to 100 times

Outside Drawing

Outside Drawing